PinDot Media

Why Pay-Per-Click When You Can Pay-Per-Call!

PinDot Media has been delivering measurable, qualified phone calls to our clients throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1992 – and we are doing it better than ever!

Unmatched Experience. Proven Leads That Help Our Clients Grow Their Businesses!

From our founding in 1992, PinDdot Media has focused on one thing – driving high quality, economical leads for our clients. We started with a deep understanding and expertise in “traditional marketing – local listings, Yellow Pages, direct mail, newspaper inserts, print advertising.

As technology advanced, so did Pindot. Today, we drive thousands of phone call leads (the best type of leads available) every month throughout the U.S. and Canada using advanced internet search, OTT, social media, local search networks, paid and organic traffic, and proven media partners to deliver the highest quality leads at very economical prices.

You Only Pay For Qualified Calls

  • Qualified calls are typically a minimum 60-second call qualifier

  • You RECEIVE targeted pay-per-call campaigns that search out your desired customer

  • You DON’T PAY for the media that generates these calls

  • You RECEIVE qualified prospects directly connected to your business

PinDot’s is the leader in providing measurable, qualified inbound calls from many categories, including:

Home Services: HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Pest Control, Animal Removal, Roofing, Windows, Garage Doors, Bathroom Remodeling, Moving, and Painting.

Health & Medical: Dentists, Optometrists, Optical Goods, Podiatrists, Mental Health Treatment, Addiction Treatment, and Alcohol Treatment.

Legal Services: Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, Accidental Death, and Social Security.

it's Simple To Get Started

  1. Provide your list of services

  2. Define your geographical market coverage areas

  3. Allow PinDot 24 hours to project the average monthly leads available and your cost-per-qualified-call

  4. Decide on your budget or how many leads your business can handle each month