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The Color of Money

Contributed by Melissa Baker
October 6th, 2016

Do you create some of your own graphics? What colors did you choose to represent your business? Did you research it or just choose a favorite?

The subconscious mind is so powerful. It reads emotional messages just through the use of color! When you need to create a message, sales flyer, newsletter or even just an info graphic, your color choices play a large role in how it is received. This week we have created a cheat sheet of a color wheel that gives you the primary positives and negatives of each color. Think of the big brands and the colors associated with them. How many banks have BLUE in their logos? Bank of America, PNC, Capital One, Citibank and more. Many of them use red also. How does that fit in? Take a look at the wheel…they are attempting to convey a subconscious of trust and strength. What about grocery stores? I can think of three large chains that are primarily green. Publix, Sprouts and Fresh Market. Using GREEN and WHITE they are sending messages of refreshment, environment and purity. The WHITE also has a negative trait of elitism but is that a bad trait when it comes to thinking about where you want to buy your food? When you look at the color wheel’s psychological traits, it all makes sense. We hope you find this helpful in your own designs and messages. Color really can influence your bottom line!


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