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Four Must Have Social Media Habits

There are plenty of effective Social Media habits you should have to keep yourself on top of things. Post multiple times a day, share relevant content, etc but here are a few you may have forgotten about:


Put a face to a name.
Social media is supposed to be social, so get to know those who are following you. Not only does that help your following become more connected to you, but it also helps you discover exactly who your targeted audience might be. A stronger bond like this will work for you both ways.

Always respond.
This one is typically avoided but still important. This way you avoid excluding anyone from engaging with you or your brand and also helps you establish constructive criticism with your direct customer base. Instead of ignoring the criticism, embrace it and try to get the most out of any user interaction.

Schedule yourself.
This habit might be one you fall back in and out of but it’s time to make it a goal to commit yourself to. Like any blog or news site, the more active you appear on Twitter or Facebook the better. Scheduling posts with a tool like HootSuite, where you can arrange a post to go live at a later date/time, means you are making sure you maintain an active presence.

Move beyond Twitter and Facebook.
The two most popular social networking sites get all of the spotlight, but that also makes it easier for your business to get lost in the crowd. With the right subject, newer sites like Pinterest and Instagram can be a great place to develop a following because they have a critical mass of people clicking around.


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