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Marketing to the your Sales Funnel. The difference between Creative and Directional Marketing.

Written: September 12, 2016
by Melissa A Baker

There may be hundreds of ways to advertise but there are only two methods, Creative and Directional. Each one is very important to your business but it’s also very important to know which one you need most at any given time in your strategy as they target two very different consumers. It all starts with your sales funnel. What does yours look like? Are you top heavy? Lots of leads that have yet to progress? OR are you busy right now wrapping up and servicing sales that are being made and have been made? These answers help you decide where your marketing dollars need to go.

Creative advertising is to help build your brand and stay top of mind to the passive consumer. Creative advertising helps start to build the need for your product or service. Creative advertising forms are radio, billboards, direct mail, magazines and TV. Think about the last time you heard or saw an ad on one of these mediums, were you ready to buy right then? Probably not! But you may think of those businesses when you are.

Directional is imperative to capturing those that are in the decision making process and getting ready to buy. This is a magical sweet spot that EVERY advertiser aims for and typically one of the biggest reasons directional media is a higher investment. The ROI is much higher. Directional media is Online and Print Yellow Pages, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Nowadays Yelp and other review sites are also directional. People read reviews when they are close to making a purchase. What did you do the last time you made a purchase that involved a decision making process? Where did you look?

So take a moment, think about your sales funnel. If you are closing a lot of business right now, make sure you are investing in your future customers by using Creative Media. Are you not closing enough? It could be you need to invest more into being seen by the active buyers at the bottom of the funnel through Directional Media.

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