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Facebook Pages Updates Mobile, Better for Business

Facebook wants to become a one-stop mobile shop for businesses.

Credit: Facebook

The company recently announced that it has updated Pages to make businesses friendlier on mobile devices. The change aims to help businesses boost mobile commerce and better communicate with their customers while also making it easier for customers to connect with businesses and find the information they need.

There are more than 1 billion users visiting Facebook Pages every month, which shows that people are using the platform to learn more about businesses. With more customers using Facebook on their mobile devices, this update helps all types of businesses build an effective mobile presence on Pages.

The revised Pages for mobile introduces three new features to help businesses: easy to find call-to-action buttons, shoppable sections, and a improved tabbed layout.

Call-to-action buttons.
The CTA buttons bring more attention to your product or service by adding easier functionality for customers to use that directly get them in touch with businesses. The buttons including “Call Now,” “Send Message,” “Contact Us,” and more.

Pages for mobile now features sections like Shop and Services, so different types of businesses can feature the information that is most relevant to their organization.

Tabbed layout.
Facebook has also improved Pages with a tabbed, mobile-optimized layout. It is designed so customers can easily navigate a page on a small screen and quickly find the information they need.

To find out more about these changes and how to use the new Pages for mobile, visit Facebook for Business. For Social Media Marketing services contact us here.

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