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Are you NAP-ping? The simple way to boost SEO.

Contributed by:
Melissa Baker 11/14/2016

Be found. Have the answer. Make it easy.
Google tells business owners exactly what they need to do but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. With 80% of Internet users owning a smartphone, people want their information quickly and at their fingertips. Mobile sites. Mobile ads. Mobile. Mobile. Did you know that the MOST important pieces are also 3 of the hardest to properly manage?
They seem like simple things to maintain control of but think about all of the ways they can get jumbled around. City rezoning. Phone company changes. Human error in a data file that gets pushed to a multitude of places. When people do a search on their phones for a business or business type, they want correct information and a single click to their ultimate action of a call, answer or directions. This is such a straightforward set of facts yet they are a surprisingly complex way of making sure you are ranking properly in searches.

What are some ways to make sure you are consistent? Be sure you have claimed your business on Google. Claim it on Yelp. Claim it on Facebook. Make sure all of your addresses are consistent. If it says Suite 101 in one place make sure it does NOT say Ste 101 in another. The smallest changes can have huge impacts! What about your online yellow pages listings? Have you checked those?,…all of these are important as they are the data giants that many smaller information sites pull their information from. Yes! This can become overwhelming very quickly. If you need help we do offer listing management and can make sure that you are showing up everywhere you need to be…CORRECTLY.

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