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5 Insights into Hashtags for Business

Contributed February 3, 2017
By Melissa Baker

Almost everyone uses them. They make content being found online easier and more pleasurable. They can brand, promote and excite. They are the sexy updated version of a catchy tagline. Hashtags. Is your business on the pound sign yet? Here are 5 key insights into hashtags to get you started.

  1. What should it say? Great question! A hashtag needs to invoke a feeling or paint a picture in one string of words with no spaces. One pound sign together with 1 to 3 words can become your biggest marketing friend on social media platforms. Your hashtag should describe what you do, an offer or your mission statement. It can even be a description of your business.
  2. Creativity is KING! The most popular hashtags are either humorous or use a play on words. Think about your company and what you stand for. Put it into 3 words that equal a catchy phrase…now research to make sure that phrase is not being used by anyone else. Google it, toss it through a few social platform searches…make sure you are not aligning yourself with another business or topic of discussion. A duplicating hashtag can mean not only confusion but also bad press depending on the situation. #SmartQuipHere
  3. Prufrede! Yes proofread. It seems like such a simple concept but I feel confident in saying many of us have fallen into some form of grammatical or auto correct trap. What a HORRIBLE embarrassment that would be. Also, capitalize your words for easy reading. #EasierToRead
  4. Need immediate hashtag inventory? Build your content before your push it out. Once you have decided on your hashtag go through old posts, photos and promotions on your platforms and add it to those past goodies. This way once you start sharing your tag, people will immediately see authentic, quality, built up content! #RepurposedContentRocks
  5. Shake it up! Use your main hashtag for consistency but most platforms see the most reach when 1-3 tags are used together. Think of what your post topic is and add that as a topic. What about a tag for a new product? Regularly add something fresh to your consistent message for the best engagement. #GoHaveFun!
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