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3 quick tips that are KEY to Social Success

Facebook is constantly changing it’s algorithm, Twitter is always adding a new product or strategy and unless social media management is your job it is impossible to keep up. Here are a few things you need to do to keep you engaging, relevant and from getting lost in feeds. Here’s 3 quick tips easily apply.

1. Buy don’t rent. Create a blog or website that YOU can physically manage. This will give you credibility and control as well as allow your followers/customers get to to know you. Getting personal is now imperative to engagement. Yes some people care that you drink tea and not coffee. BE RELATABLE!
2. Stay in your chosen lane! There is always something new and shiny coming up in the world of social. Case in point: Periscope, Blab, Facebook Live. When you jump on the next “hot” new thing you stop paying attention to where people have been following you. Pick your favorite couple platforms and knock it out of the park.
3. Pay close attention to your existing base of friends, family, followers and fans. These are your goldmine. They already like you (hopefully) and will be willing to share your posts, ideas and tidbits. Make sure they feel noticed.


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