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3 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Instagram


Instagram has transformed itself as a trendy platform for teens to a big time social networking site with a huge opportunity for businesses. Over a third of all internet users actively use Instagram and now it is only second to Facebook in terms of US audience penetration.

Instagram is great for connecting users to businesses by sharing engaging visual content. Instagram has even updated their platform to accommodate to businesses and makes it that much easier to attract consumers. This article will outline 3 reasons your business should be on Instagram otherwise you risk missing a serious marketing opportunity.

1. People spend more time on Instagram than any networking platform besides Facebook.
It’s important to utilize every relevant outlet available, especially Instagram if your brand uses visual content or could benefit from this.

2. You can still dominate and establish yourself in your brand’s niche.
Businesses appearing on Facebook are booming, which is great but can add an extra challenge for small businesses trying to get noticed.

3. Add value to your business with strategic visual content.
Visual content is crucial for a business to succeed on social media and Instagram is a great platform to reach new users. It can even be used as a portfolio of your businesses work and achievements.

Instagram has updated it’s business tools that can benefit businesses with ads, analytics, and more. There’s also plenty of ways to take advantage of this social media platform without breaking the bank. Looking for more help with Instagram? Contact us here for social media, advertising services, and more here.

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